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Pitt is HDR-rific!!!!

Pitt Cathedral of Learning/Heinz Chapel

Being that I am a brand new alumna of Pitt, I felt it necessary to post a picture of two the campus’s splendors. This is a shot of the University of Pittsburgh‘s Heinz Chapel (foreground) and Cathedral of Learning (background), as seen from Bellefield Avenue. The image was taken using an Olympus Stylus 820 digital camera. Using DynamicHDR software to generate a “pseudo-HDR” image from the single 8-bit picture, this final image was created. For those of you not yet familiar with the wonderful world of HDRi (High Dynamic Range Imaging), I highly recommend Wikipedia’s article on the subject (HDR). It is essentially a method of digitally merging images taken at varying exposures so as to enhance detail, make colors more vibrant, and reduce shadows.

Hail to Pitt!!! Congrats Class of 2008!!!! And particular congratulations to my fellow Molecular Biologists!!


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