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technical difficulties…

“To err is human.  To really screw up, you need a computer.”

Yup.  The computer has been diagnosed with intractable Blue Screen of Death disease complete with symptomatology of random crashes and error messages.  Thank goodness for regular hard drive back-ups.

It’ll take me a week or so to rebuild this puppy…in the mean time I’m stuck using my new little netbook (which just can’t handle all my photos).  Sooooo, it will be a little while until a new post gets put up (sorry to anyone who is regularly following me!).  On the bright side, as med school is now more or less entirely digitized (as is most of my boards studying), I’m at least not overly stressed because I do have a fully-functional, albeit teensy weensy, computer-like-netbook-thingy.

See you all soon!


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