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golden gate in the golden light…

Sorry it has been so long since my last post!  Residency interviews are all over now, just waiting to learn my fate on Match Day!  I must say, interviewing for residency is one of the most exhausting experiences ever…a different city every week, sometimes multiple ones in a week…its like a 2-month long business trip!  Funny how quickly it was over, though.  Just like the licensing exams, it was one of the big med school milestones that you see off in the distance and think, “Gosh, I will never be able to do that!” and before you know it, BOOM!, not only did you make it, but you survived, enjoyed it, and kicked some serious interview butt in the process!  So, now that it is smooth-sailing until, well, residency starts, here is a post!  Oh, and fingers crossed for Match Day!

Well, a lot of explanation is definitely not needed for this one:  The Golden Gate Bridge in all its glory, bathed in the golden light of sunset!  This shot was basically the product of Jay and I walking a very long way along the beach to the bridge, trying to get there before sunset and eek out every photo possible (which, incidentally, is particularly difficult when I realize that every 100 ft closer I get to the bridge makes the photos 100% better and I stop 100 times in 100 different spots to take 100 photos).  🙂

So, this photo was captured with my glorious Canon Powershot G12, with a wide-angle lens attached.  Let me just say…if you go to California, bring a wide-angle lens because you will want to capture every possible inch of the stunning vistas there!

Apparently, WordPress has added a “poll” feature since I last posted, so why not take it for a spin?  HAVE AT IT, FOLKS…and stay tuned for more posts!


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