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sunset seagulls…

I’m baaaaaack!!!  Oh my gosh…I can’t believe its been 1.5 months since I’ve posted!!  Rotations and other things have just kept me so busy lately that my photoblog  got shoved to the back burner.  But, its officially Winter Break now, so here I am!!!

To help ward off the winter chills, here a warm and glowing sunset shot taken from Presque Isle on Lake Erie during the warmest days of summer!  I shot this one during a much-needed daytrip with my mom.  We stayed for sunset (both to see the sights and to justify another round of fudge milkshakes at Sara’s Camground, as our previous round happened only a few hours prior) and the seagulls were extremely active.  They kept rising up in flocks off of the breakwaters offshore and streaking across the sunset as silhouettes.  Gorgeous.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many photos I snapped of the seagulls at sunset.  The number is a bit obscene.  But it was just so pretty!  With such vibrant colors!!  I couldn’t help myself!!!  Luckily, its not like I’m wasting film!

So, enjoy the photo and warm yourselves up a bit!  And if you’re ever on Presque Isle, visit the diner at Sara’s Campground right at the park entrance:  Best.  Milkshakes.  Ever.

(Of course, taken with the Canon G7.  Contrast improved in Adobe Photoshop CS3.)


Happy Holidays!!!


gliding grace…

Ok!  All together now:  “I believe I can fly.  I believe I can touch the sky!!!”  🙂

So, here we have a seagull gliding above the Jersey Shore.  Avalon, to be exact.  Snapped during a lovely day at the beach.  Of course, taken with the Canon G7.

And that’s all folks.  Short and sweet this time.  Check back soon for more posts!

colorful cardinal…

Story behind this photo:  I was talking to my mom one afternoon when I looked out my window and saw a lovely red cardinal sitting the tree of my courtyard.  I yelped to my mom that I’d be right back because I needed to take a picture.  The funny thing was that it didn’t phase her a single bit and she just patiently waited for me to capture my perfect shot.  Can you tell I come from a shutterbug?

Anyhoo, this little red fellow was taken with the awesome Canon G7.  I desaturated everything but the bird in Photoshop CS3 and just tinkered with the contrast a bit.  Enjoy!!

the wild side of central park…

Interspecies sunbathing?  YES!!  This lovely heron seemed to know that it was posing for the camera as it gracefully posed to fully show off its figure.  And the turtles?  Well, I’m loving the little guy in the middle who seems to be trying to replicate  the heron’s moves, complete with outstretched neck and head.  He’s (she?) just trying so hard.  I think he achieved the overall effect, albeit by replacing a bit of the grace with comedy.  The other turtle, well, I just don’t think he got the memo about the sunbathing photo-op.  That, or he’s just not quite as proficient as his cronies at “finding the light”.  Or perhaps he feels his backside is his best angle…

Taken, of course, with the Canon Powershot G7.  The location:  Central Park, NYC.  The post processing:  a quick crop and contrast fix.

Enjoy.  I found  few more photos from my NYC trip that I forgot to add into the NYC series.  They’ll slowly make their appearances!

Who can? PELI-CAN!!!…

Pelican on a Pole

This little photo was taken from the Puerto Morelos (Mexico) pier.  Apparently there is ALWAYS a pelican on that specific pole.  Seriously.  I’ve heard this mentioned on numerous travel blogs…he (she?) even shows up in lots of pictures in Google!!  My theory is that he’s (she’s?) just a bird trying to catch his (her?) big beak…er…break… in these hard times.  You know, just trying to get his (her?) picture out there and hopefully be scouted by a top bird modeling agency.  I mean, look at those wings!!  And that arch in his (her?) neck!  So perfect!

Now, in all seriousness…oh, heck.  How can one be serious when making a post devoted to pelicans?  Is it just me, or do you find yourself a bit giggly when you think about those birds?  Okay, maybe its just me.  Anyhoo, I played around with the tint in Photoshop and decided that sepia (rather than color) suited the photo quite well.  Precisely the feel I was aiming for.  And I think it brings out his (her?) features wonderfully and thus increases his (her?) chances of getting that big break.  C’mon America’s Next Top Pelican, this is your bird.  Oh…yes…of course it was taken with the trusty Canon Powershot G7!!

new york city, we have lift-off…

Heron Take-Off

Okay, okay.  I know I promised photos of Mexico soon, but I realized that I haven’t finished my New York City series yet.  That and the fact that I just started my second year of med school last week and holy cow!  Second year is crazy already!  Thus, not much time for uploading and perfecting my week-long photoshoot down the Mayan Riviera coast.

So, here we have a heron in Central Park taking off for what I can only imagine is a giant birdfeeder in the sky.  The funny thing about this heron was that as soon as he made his entrance in the pond, people with cameras flocked out of places that I didn’t know existed to snap pictures of him (her?).  Everyone was acting as if they had never seen a bird before, let alone a heron.  This seriously must now be the best-documented heron in history.  Yes, I was one of those shutterbugs, but at least I had already been taking pictures of the adorable bridge and the pond…and the 3 cute turtles on a rock.  Then the bird arrived, and I merely shifted my attention to it.  I didn’t run to it.

Then again, why am I poking fun at all the people  who kept snapping bird pictures?  I may not have many bird pictures, but I have about 35 of turtles.  Hmm.  I’ve never seen turtles before.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Taken, of course, with the fabulous G7.  And at this time I am proud to announce that I have converted my sister and she just purchased a…G7 after months of ogling mine!!!

la playa bella…

Playa del Carmen Church

Esta fotografia fue sacada en Playa del Carmen este verano pasado con un Olympus Stylus 820 camera digital (no me gusta escribir sin los simbolos del acento!!).

🙂   Just trying to keep with the theme of the photo a little bit.  This picture was taken  this past summer while I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for one blissful week.  I used an Olympus Stylus 820 digital camera.  This church was in the town square (as is traditional in Mexico…and Latin American in general) and with the palms framing it and the bird on the cross, it was just begging to have its photo taken!  I also absolutely love the color of the glass in the church…its remarkably similar to the hue of the Caribbean that was just a few feet away on the other side of the plaza.

And, for those interested in visiting Playa del Carmen (highly recommended…absolutely fantastic!), you must try the fruit from the “fruit ladies” in this plaza.  It is some of the tastiest and freshest fruit you’ll find, and it provides a much-needed reprieve from the hot sun and humidity.  My favorite is the mango.  You get about 2 mangoes worth of deliciousness jammed into a plastic cup for the unbeatable price of 15 pesos (~$1.50).

So, since I’ve already wandered from the description of this photo, I’d like to make one more suggestion to anyone who plans to visit Playa.  If you know Spanish, speak it.  I ended up being my family’s translator for the duration of the trip.  Not only is it terrific fun to be immersed more completely in another culture, but you are certain to get better deals if you can bargain in the native tongue.  If you talk the talk, you’re less likely to pay too much for something.  And the vendors live to bargain with you.  The sheer quantity of bargaining I did was incredible and so much fun…and as a result I was able to purchase an obscene amount of goods on a very limited budget.  If the extent of your Spanish is “si” “gracias” or just “Spanglish”, use what you know.  A tiny “gracias” is much appreciated and will usually draw warm smiles from the kind folks of Playa.

I’ll be posting many more images from Playa del Carmen, so stay tuned.  And if you are inspired to venture there on your own, feel free to post any questions you may have!