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give me some sugar…

Here we have the Sugar Mill ruins at Annaberg Plantation on St. John, USVI!  The entire plantation was beautiful (more photos to come), but you simply cannot beat the view serving as a backdrop for these plantation ruins.  The plantation overlooks Leinster Bay (photo to come!).  The sun can be quite sweltering up at the plantation, but there are several shady trees to catch a reprieve under, or you could use my tactic and rush by Jeep to one of the nearby beaches and plunge into the crystal waters to cool off!

Taken with the Canon Powershot G12!

Stay tuned for more views of the gorgeous St. John, USVI.


contemplative in kensington…

Hello, world!  It has been so long since I last posted an installment in my “People” series!  A little thing called exams decided to crop up in med school…and then I was outta Philly so fast for break!  Hence, no pics.  Oh well.  I enjoyed all of the sleeping and holiday eating.

So, this photo was taken at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, which I attended with the wonderful Dr. Heather.  This guy was just leaning against an abandoned building for quite a while, looking rather deep in his thoughts.  He was quite fascinating to photograph, as I could only imagine what inner workings were keeping him so occupied for so long.

As usual, taken with the amazing Canon Powershot G7.  Contrast and hues were adjusted using Adobe Photoshop CS3.  Also, the ugly garbage can was cropped off.  🙂

On another note, the photoblog has passed the 50,000 hits mark!!  Yay!

On yet another note,  HAPPY 2010, PEOPLE!!!  Let’s make this year the best yet!!!

one of these things is not like the other…

Can you find it?  The one thing that’s not quite like the others?  Yes, okay, that was pretty easy.  The open window.  So much for that bit of fun.  This photo was taken out in Old City in Philadelphia…near Shirt Shop Corner!  I simply fell in love with the old worn brick and weathered blue wood around the windows…it felt like that building just had so much history in it.  Perhaps Betsy Ross or Ben Franklin visited friends in that building at one point?  Who knows, but its fun to imagine the happenings in old historical places!

Anyhoo, the photograph was taken with the lovely Canon Powershot G7 (of course!) and just had a smidge of contrast adjustment done to produce the final product!  Enjoy!

Philadelphia Phood Phun…

Philadelphia Italian Market

Mamma mia!  This Italian girl just found her heaven on earth!  Fresh produce, spices, cheeses, pasta, and meat as far as the eye can see!  All for pocket change!  Oh Marone a mi!!!!!!  Many thanks to the awesome future Dr. Heather for showing me the things that truly make this town great!  Oh…and many thanks to her for watching my back so that I wouldn’t get run over as I stood in the middle of the street to take this picture!

As usual, this image was taken with my beloved Canon G7.  Post-processing was done to bring out the vibrance in the photograph that I could see on the street in person, but the sun drowned out a bit on camera!  The photo was also done in HDR-style.  Enjoy!  Eat, drink, and be merry!!


Pittsburgh Cityscape at Night (from Mt. Washington)

This is a cityscape shot of downtown Pittsburgh. It was taken from one of the overlooks on the famous Mt. Washington. Indeed, the view of the city from Mt. Washington (particularly at the Duquesne Incline) has been rated one of the top ten views in the country! The image was taken on a beautiful summer night with an Olympus D595Z digital camera.