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big sur…

So, from this point forward in our journey down the California coast, we start into some of my favorite photos EVER.  The coastline became just stunning around Monterrey/Big Sur areas on Highway 1.  Especially Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur.  Seriously.  Go there.  Its incredible.  I rather like the view shown in this post’s photo…but wait until the next post.  Its like a dreamscape.  OMIGOSH.  I’m so excited for the next post.  I’ve seriously been just waiting to post it since I started this California series and ITS ALMOST TIME!!!!


So, this photo was taken from the walking trail that takes you out to McWay Falls in the Park.  This is the view from the “other side”.  Not to be taken lightly.  I would have been satisfied with just this view!!!  But just you wait…

And the little specks on the beach is a flock of seagulls.  Oh, and if you’d like to imagine the soundtrack that went along with this wondrous nature view, it went something like this: “CRAZY LOUD OCEAN WAVES.  INSANE WIND NOISE.  SEA LION HOWLING.”  Ah, yes.  Nature.

Taken with the Canon Powershot G12.  Minor exposure fixes in Photoshop CS5.


new look for a new year…

Here’s my new look for 2011!  Hope you like it as much as I do!  And check out my new page of photography quotes, which will slowly grow as the year wears on.

P.S.  Shout-out to the boyfriend for snapping the photo that was cropped into the header of the page.  Great shot, Jay!  And yes, that is me wearing my camera bag in the photo.  And that cliff was very high up.  And there was no “guardrail”…we hiked outside of the guardrail to climb onto the ledge.  Smart?  Probably not.  Exhilarating?  Definitely.  Windy?  Like all get-out.

Taken at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia!  What a wonderful day of extreme hiking and waterfall hunting!  More photos to follow!

Uncropped version, to give Jay credit for great composition:

Tulum, HDR style!

Tulum Cliff and Seascape (HDR)

This is the HDR version of a previously posted picture (yay alliteration!). For more information regarding HDR, please read the immediately previous post. For the original image of the Tulum cliff-scape, just scroll down the page. It is important to note that this is pseudo-HDR, produced from the original 8-bit image. This is what causes the slight graininess that is most noticeable in the sky. However, it is an excellent example of how HDRi enhances colors and detail while suppressing shadows. Enjoy!

Photographer’s note: I will be visiting Mexico once more this summer, so stay tuned for more great Tulum and Playa del Carmen shots in mid-July!

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Cliff and Seascape

This image was taken while “misbehaving” in Tulum, Mexico. There is a rope near the edge of the cliff so that happy-go-lucky tourists don’t accidentally walk off the edge, because dead tourists don’t bring in much revenue. Crawling under the rope and dangling a leg over the edge of the cliff so as to support myself (think tripod) on a rock below, I took this shot with a plain ol’ 35mm camera and 400ISO film. The negative was then digitally scanned and the colors balanced using Adobe Photoshop.

*Photographer’s note: Tulum is an absolutely amazingly beautiful place! I highly recommend that anyone visiting Mexico venture out to the site to view the ruins and breathtaking vistas.