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chihuly creations…

Another “oldie but goodie” before we move on to St. John, USVI photos!  I have always loved Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, but no show there was more spectacular than when famed glass artist Dale Chihuly created unique pieces for display throughout the conservatory from 2007-2008.  My absolute favorite was this “dreamscape” of multicolored glass orbs floating in a boat on one of Phipps’ water features.  Take a peek below for a close-up of the glass orbs!


wonderful windows of alamo square…

Aaaaand….I’m back!  I’m going to apologize now for the delays that may happen between posts in the future.  I have officially started my emergency medicine residency now and free time (to be used for things other than sleeping and eating) will be a bit more difficult to come by.  🙂

So, today we have another photo taken from Alamo Square in San Francisco!  42 windows in all, categorized into three distinct groupings.  I thought the black and white tones brought out the visual interest in the photo waaaaaay better than in color (which was basically gray).  I hope you think so too!

Of course, taken with the Canon Powershot G12.

Stay tuned for yet more California photos…and soon some photos from the US Virgin Islands!

through the drinking glass…again…

So, once again, I was a thirsty med student trying to diligently study…but succeeding at getting distracted.  If it wasn’t the cats trying to play with me (Izzie always brings me toys so she can play fetch!), then it was my favorite blue-and-clear glass full of water.  I know, I know, you’re wondering why the heck I was spending so much time staring at my water glass.  Well, try studying gastrointestinal pathology and drugs for constipation and diarrhea and then let me know what percentage of your time was spent trying to picture anything but the inside of someone’s colon.  🙂

So, I whipped out the Canon G7 and shot away.  It was quite fun playing with the coloration of the glass and the water level.  And here we have it!  Contrast enhanced in Photoshop CS3.

Oh, and don’t worry.  I finished my studying.

through the drinking glass…

Through the Drinking Glass

Allow me to fill you in on the birth of this photograph.  I was studying for my Block 6 Pharmacology/Pathology/Immunology final (fun, right?).  At the same time, I was enjoying a nice cold glass of grape juice.  Drinking the grape juice was infinitely better than studying, so I sat there and finished it in one shot.   Placing the glass down on my desk and looking inside of it to waste yet more time, I noticed that, “Heck, this could be a cool photo.”  Translation:  anything, including photographing grape juice residue, is better than studying for this darn final.  Grabbed the trusty Canon G7 and had a small photo shoot with my glass.  Then I popped the picture into Photoshop for some contrast adjustment and bleaching effects…and there you go!  Amazing timewaster…I mean, piece of photographic art!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, yes, I did pass that final and successfully completed my first year of medical school.  Yay!

one of these things is not like the other…

Can you find it?  The one thing that’s not quite like the others?  Yes, okay, that was pretty easy.  The open window.  So much for that bit of fun.  This photo was taken out in Old City in Philadelphia…near Shirt Shop Corner!  I simply fell in love with the old worn brick and weathered blue wood around the windows…it felt like that building just had so much history in it.  Perhaps Betsy Ross or Ben Franklin visited friends in that building at one point?  Who knows, but its fun to imagine the happenings in old historical places!

Anyhoo, the photograph was taken with the lovely Canon Powershot G7 (of course!) and just had a smidge of contrast adjustment done to produce the final product!  Enjoy!

just add flower and water…

Flower and Water

So I went out to my car this morning to start the daily commute to good ol’ med school and it just so happened to be pretty much the one day that I had my camera with me, as I wanted to take some pics of our acapella group (shout out to the Transplantations!!).  And, as luck would have it, my windshield presented me with the perfect subject to shoot in the morning light!  So, I quickly chose to get on the road a bit late in favor of a bit o’ photography.  Thus came this shot.  The flower is actually the underside of some flower that had fallen off of a tree and drifted onto my car.  The water was courtesy of the veritable 10 minute monsoon that we had the night before.  So, here’s the recipe for a photograph:

Add flower to water.  Marinate overnight.  Capture in the morning light.

Pretty in Pink #3

Pink Zinnia

This lovely pink zinnia was grown by the green thumb of my brother.  I have to say that I love the contrast between the pink flower and the blue glass behind it 🙂  The picture was taken with an Olympus Stylus 820 digital camera.  Enjoy the third image in my “Pretty in Pink” series!