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angeles aerial…

-click on image for larger view-

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls:  this is it!!!!  The end of the California series!!!  Its been an awesome journey, but as all wonderful journeys must, this one has come to a close.  This last image is a an aerial view of  Los Angeles (obviously snapped from the plane shortly after take-off).  Can we say crowded????  And that highway!!  I can safely say that this view made me appreciate my hometown a bit more.  Now, if only dear Pittsburgh had the Pacific coast nearby…

So, adiós California.  It was grand exploring you and hopefully we shall meet again soon for a whole new set of adventures!


adieu, avalon…

Ah, yes.  Our tour of California is drawing to a close.  Here we have the view of the Avalon Harbor, hillside, and mountains.

Taken with the Powershot G12.

1 California photo left.   One.  As in the name of the Highway that I am wholeheartedly convinced is the best drive in the country.

Stay tuned!

the wonderful women of alamo square…

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!  🙂  Hello again, world!  Now that I’m back, I can tell everyone where I was:  PARADISE!, also known as St. John, USVI.  Didn’t exactly want to previously announce to world that I was leaving on vacation, but I’m happy to say I’m back with a camera full of photos!  But, everyone will have to wait for those since we’ve still got a lot of California to see!  Oh, maybe I’ll throw everyone a bone and stick one St. John photo in at some point, but I promise Paradise Pics will my next series.

Now, on to this photo!  Its the lovely Painted Ladies of San Francisco.  Alamo Square is surrounded by lots of beautifully painted Victorian houses, but this stretch is obviously the most famous.  Alamo Square is also a wonderful little park set up on a hill to relax in for a spell and provides a great view of the houses of San Fran and the city buildings below.

Taken with the Canon G12.  And, I have to admit, a teeny bit of Photoshop CS5 happened here.  Some dude was seriously sleeping in the grass between me and my subject and despite my best efforts at waiting for him to wake up and move his tushie, he never did wake up (hopefully he woke up at some point!).  Thus, I removed him from my photo.  That’ll show him what happens when you get in the way of my photography…I erase you!  Mwahahahahaha!  🙂

On another note, I’d like to announce that after 6 years, Jay is no longer my boyfriend…HE’S MY FIANCE NOW!!!  WOOHOO!  Now we’re gonna be super-nerd MARRIED couple.  🙂  The proposal took place on top of the Castle on St. John at sunset with the Virgin Islands in the background!  🙂

And, now for the artsy-fartsy ring photo, complete with shallow depth-of-field:

Yippee!  Love you Jay!  Now you’re stuck with the Shutterbug FOREVER!  🙂