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Who can? PELI-CAN!!!…

Pelican on a Pole

This little photo was taken from the Puerto Morelos (Mexico) pier.  Apparently there is ALWAYS a pelican on that specific pole.  Seriously.  I’ve heard this mentioned on numerous travel blogs…he (she?) even shows up in lots of pictures in Google!!  My theory is that he’s (she’s?) just a bird trying to catch his (her?) big beak…er…break… in these hard times.  You know, just trying to get his (her?) picture out there and hopefully be scouted by a top bird modeling agency.  I mean, look at those wings!!  And that arch in his (her?) neck!  So perfect!

Now, in all seriousness…oh, heck.  How can one be serious when making a post devoted to pelicans?  Is it just me, or do you find yourself a bit giggly when you think about those birds?  Okay, maybe its just me.  Anyhoo, I played around with the tint in Photoshop and decided that sepia (rather than color) suited the photo quite well.  Precisely the feel I was aiming for.  And I think it brings out his (her?) features wonderfully and thus increases his (her?) chances of getting that big break.  C’mon America’s Next Top Pelican, this is your bird.  Oh…yes…of course it was taken with the trusty Canon Powershot G7!!


heaven on earth…

Heaven on Earth

Okay, folks!  Back again!  I have to apologize for my scanty postings…second year of med school is crazy!!!   But, I’m ready to make up for lost time.

This photo is from my trip to Mexico this summer.  My family and I visited Isla Mujeres (everyone must go there!  GORGEOUS!) mainly for the white sand beaches (will post beach shots soon!), but we found the town was simply amazing to wander around in.  A cemetery on Calle Lopez Mateos was particularly eye-catching.  I can’t even begin to describe the intense colors of the monuments and how densely they were packed in there (hmmm…perhaps I’ll just have to post visual evidence).  However, there was one monument that towered above many others and that was this particular angel.  To my luck, when I looked at the photo I had taken, I noticed that the flare of the sun combined with the angel looked just like a tiny glimpse of heaven!  How…divine!

As usual, the picture was taken with the Canon Powershot G7 (oh, what fun we had in Mexico!).  I then cross-balanced the image in Photoshop CS3.  Enjoy and stay tuned!  More photos to come, I promise!

from my point of view…

Ocean Coral and Turquesa Pool

Okay, folks!  I know you have been waiting with bated breath, but alas!  The wait is over!  Here is one of my photos from my trip to Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  It is a small, sleepy fishing village nestled on the Mayan Riviera coast of the Yucatan Peninsula between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  It hasn’t been overrun or completely adulterated by tourists yet and retains its cultural charm.  It sure made for one amazing trip to Mexico!

The hotel my family and I stayed at was the Ocean Coral and Turquesa Resort…basically a small slice of heaven on the shore.  This picture was the result of me enjoying being both sneaky and creative while taking pictures on my last day.  It really is fun taking snapshots from angles and places that you don’t necessarily notice at first.  I can tell you that I only saw the “pool view” through this tiny arch on my last day…after 7 days of countless trips past it!   This was taken shortly after sunrise (hence the perfect lighting and strange lack of pool-goers).  I just love the yellow of the wall contrasted against the blue water and hotel (& reflection).  More sunrise photos and Mexico photos to come!  And, obviously, taken with the G7!

And feel free to ask any questions you may have about Puerto Morelos (or Playa del Carmen or Isla Mujeres, for that matter)…I’d be more than happy to answer them (especially if you think you want to visit yourself!).

New York City: Part 1

Brooklyn Bridge

I finally made it to the Big Apple!  About time, considering I’ve been living a mere 2 hours away from it for an entire year now!  The wonderful future Dr. Heather served as one of our guides…and certainly showed us some impressive sights.  My next few posts will be shots that I took in NYC.

This photo was taken from on the Brooklyn Bridge, back to Brooklyn, facing Manhattan.  A much longer bridge than I thought…nearly 1.2 miles.  Guess I’m just used to Pittsburgh’s myriad bridges (446 to be exact) which happen to be a fraction of the length of this puppy.

Anyhoo, I couldn’t resist taking this classic shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Another classic shot that I couldn’t resist taking was what I call my “chick flick pic”.  The boyfriend and me stealing a quick kiss on the bridge with a backdrop of NYC, complete with a popped leg.  And no.  I’m not posting it.  A lady has to leave something to the imagination.

So, enjoy the Bridge.  Taken with the fabulous Canon G7 and post-processed into and HDR image.  And keep checking back for more city shots!

busy as a bee…


I’ve been as busy as this little bee lately…hence the severe lack of new posts in the past couple of weeks!!  I’m in between my first and second years of medical school (read:  last summer EVER) and I have the most amazing job honing my clinical skills in the Temple ER!  That said, I’m pulling insane hours at the hospital/preparing my body for the sleep-deprived years to come and simply haven’t had the time to really sit down with my photos and put together a decent post.  So, for all of you anxiously awaiting a post, I apologize for the delay and present you with…A BEE!

I snapped this little bugger on my brother’s porch over the Memorial Day weekend.  A wee bit of cropping was done, as it is pretty darn hard to properly compose a shot when your subject is a centimeter long and constantly moving.  A little bit of contrast fixing was also done, as yellow flowers + yellow bee stripes + super sunny day = totally washed out color/contrast levels.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot…this was taken with the fabulous Canon G7!!

put a lime in the coconut…

Palm and Ocean

Now for a brief mental vacation!!  This stately palm tree (complete with coconuts!!) was gently swaying in the breeze on one of Playa del Carmen’s beaches.  Now for a little news update:  I will be visiting Mexico once more this August, so stay tuned for new photos!  WOOHOO!!!

The photo was taken with an Olympus Stylus 820 and was turned into a high dynamic range photograph when I got back to Pittsburgh 🙂 .  Can’t you  just feel that Caribbean tradewind by looking at this picture?

have i told you lately that…


This one goes out to the one I love (sorry for the REM quote).  Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think this one says precisely three.  THE three little words.  My wonderful boyfriend (of over 3 years!) and I embarked on an adventure out to the Jersey Shore on Friday.  I love the beach.  I love my boyfriend.  I was ridiculously happy.  🙂  Anyhoo, the water was wonderful, particularly for body surfing, and lounging in the sunshine was simply delightful.  He fried to a wonderful lobster-red shade, I turned a lovely golden brown.  Ah, the wonders of sunblock.  Towards the end of the day, I noticed that the clouds were simply beautiful overhead and I got an idea.  I had seen silhouette “writing” somewhere and I thought it would be a cute surprise for the aforementioned man in my life (who will willingly watch the Bachelorette with me while enjoying Chinese take-out and ice cream)  if I did a little sky writing myself.  The people behind me on the beach obviously thought I was nuts as I kept making contorted hand shapes in the air and then snapping pictures of them, but oh, what one will do for love.

So, now for the specs:  Six pictures taken against a beachy sky with the Canon Powershot G7.  Compiled and contrast-enhanced in Photoshop to really make my hand-letters pop.  Size of final image reduced in Photoshop because the original compilation was over 3oo inches long and my computer was visibly having trouble handling and touching up such a massive photo.  Enjoy.