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miles of manhattan…

And the computer is up and running!!¬† ūüôā¬† I can officially add Tech Master to my skills.¬† Many thanks to Jay for all his help.¬† Pharmacist and doctor-to-be saved a (computer) life!!

Anyhoo, lets get to some photography!  This lovely panorama of the Manhattan skyline at dusk was taken from Hoboken, NJ.  Click on the image to see it larger.  Not much to say about the picture except that it was the grand finale to a weekend in NYC.

Of course, I used the fabulous Canon Powershot G7.  I think the image was originally 6 or 7 frames that I then digitally stitched together, adjusted for contrast in Photoshop CS3, and finally, to top off the sundae with a cherry, I transformed the photo into an HDR image.  Enjoy!!!


the wild side of central park…

Interspecies sunbathing?¬† YES!!¬† This lovely heron seemed to know that it was posing for the camera as it gracefully posed to fully show off its figure.¬† And the turtles?¬† Well, I’m loving the little guy in the middle who seems to be trying to replicate¬† the heron’s moves, complete with outstretched neck and head.¬† He’s (she?) just trying so hard.¬† I think he achieved the overall effect, albeit by replacing a bit of the grace with comedy.¬† The other turtle, well, I just don’t think he got the memo about the sunbathing photo-op.¬† That, or he’s just not quite as proficient as his cronies at “finding the light”.¬† Or perhaps he feels his backside is his best angle…

Taken, of course, with the Canon Powershot G7.  The location:  Central Park, NYC.  The post processing:  a quick crop and contrast fix.

Enjoy.¬† I found¬† few more photos from my NYC trip that I forgot to add into the NYC series.¬† They’ll slowly make their appearances!

New York City: Part 1

Brooklyn Bridge

I finally made it to the Big Apple!¬† About time, considering I’ve been living a mere 2 hours away from it for an entire year now!¬† The wonderful future Dr. Heather served as one of our guides…and certainly showed us some impressive sights.¬† My next few posts will be shots that I took in NYC.

This photo was taken from on the Brooklyn Bridge, back to Brooklyn, facing Manhattan.¬† A much longer bridge than I thought…nearly 1.2 miles.¬† Guess I’m just used to Pittsburgh’s myriad bridges (446 to be exact) which happen to be a fraction of the length of this puppy.

Anyhoo, I couldn’t resist taking this classic shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.¬† Another classic shot that I couldn’t resist taking was what I call my “chick flick pic”.¬† The boyfriend and me stealing a quick kiss on the bridge with a backdrop of NYC, complete with a popped leg.¬† And no.¬† I’m not posting it.¬† A lady has to leave something to the imagination.

So, enjoy the Bridge.  Taken with the fabulous Canon G7 and post-processed into and HDR image.  And keep checking back for more city shots!