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seaside swinging…

Gibney Beach and Tire Swing


Ah, yes.  Gibney Beach.  I already extolled its wonders in the previous post, so I’ll be brief this time.


Gibney = Paradise.


Here is a rare shot of the photographer…just swinging on the beach…

Liz on Gibney!


As usual, pics were taken with the Canon Powershot G12.

Stay tuned for more St. John, USVI!




hello hawksnest…

Welcome to Hawksnest Beach!!  I love this silhouetted portal to the sea!  This was one of my first glimpses of the splendor of St. John.  Upon our arrival to the island, it was a torrential downpour, making checking out the beaches a little less than desirable after a full day of traveling.  We settled into our house, Blue Moon Rendezvous, and then went into Cruz Bay to plant ourselves at a cafe to get some beachfront munchies, while watching the rain streaming down through the palms onto the water and sand.  Fortunately, the rain stopped just before sunset, so we raced up to the North Shore and stopped at the first easily accessible beach–Hawksnest!  And, oh how gorgeous it was!  I dipped my toes in the water and then started taking some photos with long exposure since the light was starting to dwindle.  Of course, this one was taken with the  Canon Powershot G12.

Sorry for the long delay between posts!  But stay tuned for more tropical shots!

palm perfection…

Classic California Palm

Ahhhh…the California sun setting behind a palm tree.   With a lens flare.  Does it get more quintessential than this?

Taken at the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island, CA (and yes, for you Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, the show did a date here a few seasons back).

A little relaxation after zip lining between mountains and landing on the beach!!!!!   Click here to see photos of the zip line!

All I have to say is, good Lord, that was the single most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done in my life.  During the longest zip, that spans the two mountains, you are 300 feet above the valley below.  Lets just say, taking the step off of the deck into nothing so that the “zip” could begin was the most difficult step I’ve ever taken in my life.  You literally just walk off the deck into the thin air and…whooosh!…are whisked off over the valley at 45mph!  This photo gives a good representation of that step.

Hehe…and here’s me in my “zip” gear:


Note the expanse of ocean in the background.  Needless to say, the tour gave the best view of the island itself, valley flora & fauna, and the ocean from high above.  Great facts and tidbits about the island and its animals/plants from the tour guides.  Did you know that while the school on the island does not have Snow Days, they do have Bison Days, for when the buffalo randomly venture out of the mountains/island interior and roam the town?  And that they were left there after a 1924 movie and now have a full-on colony on the island?  Note for ladies:  do not zip line in tiny shorts.  Trust me, you’re gonna want full-coverage walking shorts or capris with that harness at those speeds.

Ahhhh…California.  I cannot wait to go back.

McWay Falls…

McWay Falls:  Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Grand View, Big Sur, California

EEEEeeeee!!!!!!!!!  Its my favorite photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  McWay Falls at the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur, California!  So gorgeous.  It seriously seemed like a dreamscape.  I mean, really.  A waterfall crashing onto a beach with turquoise waters and crashing waves, with glorious flora all around?  PARADISE!!  It is a very easy place to get to…a short walk (maybe 0.5 mile?)  along a very level trail and…BAM! you are struck with this view.  This is the “other side” of the trail view that I mentioned in my previous post.

And now, I will stop typing.  Because sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and no matter how much I write, it just won’t say all that this photo has to tell.

Stay tuned for some upcoming close-ups of the features of McWay Falls!

heaven on earth…

Heaven on Earth

Okay, folks!  Back again!  I have to apologize for my scanty postings…second year of med school is crazy!!!   But, I’m ready to make up for lost time.

This photo is from my trip to Mexico this summer.  My family and I visited Isla Mujeres (everyone must go there!  GORGEOUS!) mainly for the white sand beaches (will post beach shots soon!), but we found the town was simply amazing to wander around in.  A cemetery on Calle Lopez Mateos was particularly eye-catching.  I can’t even begin to describe the intense colors of the monuments and how densely they were packed in there (hmmm…perhaps I’ll just have to post visual evidence).  However, there was one monument that towered above many others and that was this particular angel.  To my luck, when I looked at the photo I had taken, I noticed that the flare of the sun combined with the angel looked just like a tiny glimpse of heaven!  How…divine!

As usual, the picture was taken with the Canon Powershot G7 (oh, what fun we had in Mexico!).  I then cross-balanced the image in Photoshop CS3.  Enjoy and stay tuned!  More photos to come, I promise!

put a lime in the coconut…

Palm and Ocean

Now for a brief mental vacation!!  This stately palm tree (complete with coconuts!!) was gently swaying in the breeze on one of Playa del Carmen’s beaches.  Now for a little news update:  I will be visiting Mexico once more this August, so stay tuned for new photos!  WOOHOO!!!

The photo was taken with an Olympus Stylus 820 and was turned into a high dynamic range photograph when I got back to Pittsburgh 🙂 .  Can’t you  just feel that Caribbean tradewind by looking at this picture?

la playa bella…

Playa del Carmen Church

Esta fotografia fue sacada en Playa del Carmen este verano pasado con un Olympus Stylus 820 camera digital (no me gusta escribir sin los simbolos del acento!!).

🙂   Just trying to keep with the theme of the photo a little bit.  This picture was taken  this past summer while I was in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for one blissful week.  I used an Olympus Stylus 820 digital camera.  This church was in the town square (as is traditional in Mexico…and Latin American in general) and with the palms framing it and the bird on the cross, it was just begging to have its photo taken!  I also absolutely love the color of the glass in the church…its remarkably similar to the hue of the Caribbean that was just a few feet away on the other side of the plaza.

And, for those interested in visiting Playa del Carmen (highly recommended…absolutely fantastic!), you must try the fruit from the “fruit ladies” in this plaza.  It is some of the tastiest and freshest fruit you’ll find, and it provides a much-needed reprieve from the hot sun and humidity.  My favorite is the mango.  You get about 2 mangoes worth of deliciousness jammed into a plastic cup for the unbeatable price of 15 pesos (~$1.50).

So, since I’ve already wandered from the description of this photo, I’d like to make one more suggestion to anyone who plans to visit Playa.  If you know Spanish, speak it.  I ended up being my family’s translator for the duration of the trip.  Not only is it terrific fun to be immersed more completely in another culture, but you are certain to get better deals if you can bargain in the native tongue.  If you talk the talk, you’re less likely to pay too much for something.  And the vendors live to bargain with you.  The sheer quantity of bargaining I did was incredible and so much fun…and as a result I was able to purchase an obscene amount of goods on a very limited budget.  If the extent of your Spanish is “si” “gracias” or just “Spanglish”, use what you know.  A tiny “gracias” is much appreciated and will usually draw warm smiles from the kind folks of Playa.

I’ll be posting many more images from Playa del Carmen, so stay tuned.  And if you are inspired to venture there on your own, feel free to post any questions you may have!