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the wild side of central park…

Interspecies sunbathing?  YES!!  This lovely heron seemed to know that it was posing for the camera as it gracefully posed to fully show off its figure.  And the turtles?  Well, I’m loving the little guy in the middle who seems to be trying to replicate  the heron’s moves, complete with outstretched neck and head.  He’s (she?) just trying so hard.  I think he achieved the overall effect, albeit by replacing a bit of the grace with comedy.  The other turtle, well, I just don’t think he got the memo about the sunbathing photo-op.  That, or he’s just not quite as proficient as his cronies at “finding the light”.  Or perhaps he feels his backside is his best angle…

Taken, of course, with the Canon Powershot G7.  The location:  Central Park, NYC.  The post processing:  a quick crop and contrast fix.

Enjoy.  I found  few more photos from my NYC trip that I forgot to add into the NYC series.  They’ll slowly make their appearances!


new york city, we have lift-off…

Heron Take-Off

Okay, okay.  I know I promised photos of Mexico soon, but I realized that I haven’t finished my New York City series yet.  That and the fact that I just started my second year of med school last week and holy cow!  Second year is crazy already!  Thus, not much time for uploading and perfecting my week-long photoshoot down the Mayan Riviera coast.

So, here we have a heron in Central Park taking off for what I can only imagine is a giant birdfeeder in the sky.  The funny thing about this heron was that as soon as he made his entrance in the pond, people with cameras flocked out of places that I didn’t know existed to snap pictures of him (her?).  Everyone was acting as if they had never seen a bird before, let alone a heron.  This seriously must now be the best-documented heron in history.  Yes, I was one of those shutterbugs, but at least I had already been taking pictures of the adorable bridge and the pond…and the 3 cute turtles on a rock.  Then the bird arrived, and I merely shifted my attention to it.  I didn’t run to it.

Then again, why am I poking fun at all the people  who kept snapping bird pictures?  I may not have many bird pictures, but I have about 35 of turtles.  Hmm.  I’ve never seen turtles before.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Taken, of course, with the fabulous G7.  And at this time I am proud to announce that I have converted my sister and she just purchased a…G7 after months of ogling mine!!!