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give me some sugar…

Here we have the Sugar Mill ruins at Annaberg Plantation on St. John, USVI!  The entire plantation was beautiful (more photos to come), but you simply cannot beat the view serving as a backdrop for these plantation ruins.  The plantation overlooks Leinster Bay (photo to come!).  The sun can be quite sweltering up at the plantation, but there are several shady trees to catch a reprieve under, or you could use my tactic and rush by Jeep to one of the nearby beaches and plunge into the crystal waters to cool off!

Taken with the Canon Powershot G12!

Stay tuned for more views of the gorgeous St. John, USVI.


Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Cliff and Seascape

This image was taken while “misbehaving” in Tulum, Mexico. There is a rope near the edge of the cliff so that happy-go-lucky tourists don’t accidentally walk off the edge, because dead tourists don’t bring in much revenue. Crawling under the rope and dangling a leg over the edge of the cliff so as to support myself (think tripod) on a rock below, I took this shot with a plain ol’ 35mm camera and 400ISO film. The negative was then digitally scanned and the colors balanced using Adobe Photoshop.

*Photographer’s note: Tulum is an absolutely amazingly beautiful place! I highly recommend that anyone visiting Mexico venture out to the site to view the ruins and breathtaking vistas.