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strolling down the street…

The next installment in my series on people!  I visited the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia this past spring and was taken for quite a wild ride!  The sculptures were absolutely crazy and the whole derby had a cool bohemian vibe to it.  Luckily, I brought my camera!  Granted, I brought it so that I could better show my mom exactly what this “thing” was, but I got some cool shots as well.  As the crowd was beginning to line up at the finish line, I noticed this little curly-haired girl enjoying a solitary stroll down the street with her balloon and little stuffed puppy.  Fortunately, she wasn’t walking down the lane for too long, as that was the exact street that served as the final leg of the derby.

Of course, this photo was taken with the Canon Powershot G7!  🙂  I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 to remove the company logo that was splashed across the balloon (it was so distracting!).  I also enhanced the contrast and lighting in the photo for a slightly more dramatic “solitary” feel.  Enjoy!  Stay tuned for more in my “People Series”!


divine dahlia: part three…

Dahlia 3

All good things must come to an end…including the Divine Dahlia mini-series!  🙂  Hope you have been enjoying the photos!  Now, I know that this flower was beautiful in all of its colored glory, but I really wanted to try some good ol’ black-and-white to bring out the details in the petals…and I think it worked!

As usual, the photo was taken with the Canon G7.  Post-processed in Photoshop to select the color of the black-and-white filter.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more pictures!

divine dahlia: part two…

Dahlia 2

Part two in the mini-series!!  Again, taken with the Canon G7.  This photo had its contrast fixed a tiny bit in Photoshop.  Enjoy one of the bloomin’  beauties of spring!

one of these things is not like the other…

Can you find it?  The one thing that’s not quite like the others?  Yes, okay, that was pretty easy.  The open window.  So much for that bit of fun.  This photo was taken out in Old City in Philadelphia…near Shirt Shop Corner!  I simply fell in love with the old worn brick and weathered blue wood around the windows…it felt like that building just had so much history in it.  Perhaps Betsy Ross or Ben Franklin visited friends in that building at one point?  Who knows, but its fun to imagine the happenings in old historical places!

Anyhoo, the photograph was taken with the lovely Canon Powershot G7 (of course!) and just had a smidge of contrast adjustment done to produce the final product!  Enjoy!

a stroll down a sunny street…

Sidewalk and Bicycles

This photo was taken on that wonderfully sunny day when the amazing future Dr. Heather gave me a tour of South Philly and the Italian Market.  There was just something about that sleepy, sunny street with the bicycles leaning against the stoops that was screaming, “Take a picture of me!!!”  So, here we have it.  Taken with the amazing G7 and softened to create the pretty glow and muted colors in Photoshop.  Enjoy!

Philadelphia Phood Phun…

Philadelphia Italian Market

Mamma mia!  This Italian girl just found her heaven on earth!  Fresh produce, spices, cheeses, pasta, and meat as far as the eye can see!  All for pocket change!  Oh Marone a mi!!!!!!  Many thanks to the awesome future Dr. Heather for showing me the things that truly make this town great!  Oh…and many thanks to her for watching my back so that I wouldn’t get run over as I stood in the middle of the street to take this picture!

As usual, this image was taken with my beloved Canon G7.  Post-processing was done to bring out the vibrance in the photograph that I could see on the street in person, but the sun drowned out a bit on camera!  The photo was also done in HDR-style.  Enjoy!  Eat, drink, and be merry!!


Cherry Blossom

It is that wonderful cherry blossom (sakura in Japanese) time of year!  This little gem was growing, of all places, on a lovely little tree in East Falls underneath the Roosevelt Expressway!  I used my shutterbug syndrome enabler, the G7, to snap the flower.  Post-processing was done to transform the photo into HDR-style and to bring out the details in the petals!